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About Us

The Knife by Rob Higgs, was a mechanical clockwork knife made for Heston Blumenthal’s “Perfectionists’ Café” at Heathrow airport and shows off the some of the gear manufacturing capacity that we have at on site at Leek.  

We’ve been around for over 100 years, learning our craft and building our reputation as a precision gear manufacturer. We describe ourselves as specialists in the engineering and manufacture of gears and other related products such as sprockets, splines, racks, worms and worm wheels.

Our focus is on delivering a complete gear cutting solution. From turning to milling, boring and grinding our specialists can provide an unrivalled and complete service from start to finish.

The Leek’s customer base is diverse, spanning large manufacturers to steam engine enthusiasts. Our projects vary, but all demand the same level of expertise and quality.

So whether we’re working alongside other precision engineers or a veteran car enthusiast, we have the expertise to work from samples, customer drawings or a box of damaged parts that require reverse engineering.

Where we can be of most benefit to our customers is in small volume, complex jobs where our experience and technical skills come to the fore. Think of us as your engineering problem solvers.

This is backed up by an extensive and valuable store of cutters and hobs that allow us to undertake the manufacture of most gears up to 1.4m in diameter.